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Hebei Webian Medical Devices Trading Co., Ltd. Room 2703, Block A1, Shidai Ark, Guang ‘an Street, Chang ‘an District, Shijiazhuang city, Hebei Province. The legal representative is Su Jiujun. The business scope includes the sale of medical devices, pre-packaged food, leasing of medical devices, import and export of goods or technologies.

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  • How a walker is used


    1. Before each use of the walker, check whether the walker is stable, and whether the rubber pads and screws are damaged or loose to ensure the safety of the walker and prevent falling down due to unstable walking. 2. Keep the ground dry and the aisle unobstructed to prevent slipping or falling. ...

  • How to choose the right wheelchair for you?


    For the paraplegic, amputated, fractured and other patients among the earthquake victims, the wheelchair is an important tool to help you improve your self-care ability, go to work, and return to society in a long and short period of time. Two days ago, I happened to pass by a rehabilitation supp...

  • Blue manual wheelchair display


    Blue manual wheelchair display 1. This wheelchair folds easily 2. The pedal can be quickly disassembled 3. Leg support belt 4. Seat belt design 5. Double manual brake 6. Turn to freedom of movement If you have purchasing needs, please contact us or comment below! click here to check↓ Blue manual ...

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